Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What would Brian Boitano make?

This is a new show coming out on Food Network. No joke; that's the real title. It premiers Sunday at 1pm.

It's a reference, of course, to South Park. In their very first incarnation, on an ecard for Christmas that Matt Stone and Trey Parker created for their friends and relatives, the boys of South Park ask themselves, "what would Brian Boitano do?" At which point, a very flamboyant cartoon Brian B skates around saying "Bye-eee" and other such stuff, after giving his advice. When they did the movie, there's a whole musical number on this theme, as a throw back to their early days.

I think it's cool that he's embraced it, and reclaimed it as his own. Supposedly he's a good cook as well as being fun and slightly irreverent. And, there's no getting around it, flamboyant in a campy way. At least, that's how the previews make it seem. I'm interested in checking it out. Could be great, could be ridiculous... and those are not necessarily mutually exclusive. :o)

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  1. Were it not for South Park, I would have never heard of Brian Boitano. Now, thanks to South Park, your blog, and Wikipedia I know that he was the first American to land a triple axel, that he won the gold in the 1988 Winter Olympics and that his skates are now in the Smithsonian.