Monday, August 3, 2009

Food Network chose wrong

I think they picked the wrong person to be the Next Food Network Star. I don't have anything against Melissa, but Jeffrey had a passion for food and a talent for explaining things that I really loved. His pilot was all about taking a new ingredient and finding uses for it. Love it!! He inspired me to try harissa, and I was really disappointed that 1) they didn't choose him and therefore I won't have cool new things to try each week and 2) Wegman's doesn't carry harissa.

Damn. Going to have to order it online.

Good luck, Melissa. I don't really need you to tell me how to pan sear chicken, and I worry that a half hour with you will be saccharine overkill, but as a person I relate to you and your babies are cute. (Four girls under the age of five. She deserves a medal!)

I do think Food Network should give Jeffrey his own show anyway.


  1. I think so too, sweetie.

    Though having said that, I liked her MUCH better after watching most of a day's marathon worth of her. She really developed and revealed a lot of talent as the season went on.

    Don't think she's gonna make me ransack the grocery stores though...

  2. Do people want TV to challenge them or to comfort them? Sounds as if Food Network opted for comfort.

  3. They kind of did, sadly.

    And at the same time, I think they opted for something with narrower appeal. Jeffrey's show, while more challenging, I think would've potentially appealed to everyone who likes cooking shows. Melissa's will not. A good number will find it beneath them. A good number will find her unpleasant or think all she does is talk about her kids. ;-)

  4. I agree - I think Jeffrey would have been a welcome addition to the Food Network - some of his recipes were really wonderful!