Saturday, November 28, 2009

My ingredients, a photolog

Castlevetrano olives

When I smashed them to remove the pits, I found I was making olive oil on my board. And yes, the most virgin of the oils tasted awesome.

Red snapper

Skinning the fillet, exposing beautiful grain

Sour dough.
Persimmon. Raw, it was a bit sweet but had a strangely coating taste in the mouth. We later learned this was from the tannins. Cooked down and blended, the tannins rendered the whole thing tongue scrapingly bad. I had to throw it out. According to wikipedia, our persimmon must have been unripe.

Tomato juice

Reducing the juice to come closer to a sauce.

The finished product, to be more fully explained at a later date. Crusted snapper over tortelini, coated in a bloody mary marinara, with sourdough toasts.


  1. How wonderful to read all the comments, also enjoyed all the ideas for leftovers and the commentaries on the various Thanksgiving feasts. Thanks for sharing beautiful photos, and for teaching new things to us all.

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