Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday and another Chopped!

We decided tonight would be fun for another round of Chopped. (FYI, there was a second round that I haven't yet blogged about... I'll have to backtrack and do it another day, because this just seems more fun)

Well, Dearest Husband has just returned from the store bearing cinnamon scones for breakfast and the following ingredients!

Chicken Thighs
Plain Yogurt
Frozen Waffles

Hmmmmmmmmm...... Up until the waffles, I was thinking some sort of pizza thing. This one is tough. Off the top of my head, I'm thinking...

Waffles. Waffles. I could toast them and use them as a platform. I could see if I can dry them out in the oven like croutons. I could maybe roll them flat and get them really crispy somehow, almost like a tostata. I could cube and make a bread pudding with them. Or, possibly, microplane them while frozen to make powdery crumbs, which can be then toasted and used to make a crust, or as a dusty finishing touch, or mixed to make, um... uh... I don't know what.

Rhubarb. Raw rhubarb is supposed to be almost bitterly sour. Puckery. I've only ever had rhubarb with strawberries, that I recall. What about caramelized onions with the rhubarb in, like a chutney? I'm a little nervous to use it raw, although I like the thought of the crunch.

Plain yogurt could be used like sour cream... as a dressing base, as a moistener, as a finisher, as a dip... I could also use cheese cloth and make a kind of yogurt cheese out of it. That would have been good for the base of the chicken pizza. I might still make some use of it.

Hazelnuts don't scare me at all. They could crust the chicken, be sprinkled on top of salad or greens. I could try to make a hazelnut butter (like peanutbutter). Oh, a sort of thai spicy nut thing? Hmmm...

I will post as it occurs to me and take pictures for the final product. Yay!

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  1. I think the tostada and bread pudding ideas are pretty inspired for the waffles... Not that I'm giving you direction or anything.