Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rah Mahal--Indian food at last!

For far too long we've been without a good Indian restraint. Or any Indian restaurant, for that matter. But now we have the Raj Mahal. We happened upon it one day and were drawn to it especially because they had a lunch buffet. I'm not that familiar with Indian food, so it was really nice to be able to try a little bit of a lot of things, and then know from the labels what we liked.

Tonight we got take out, as I worked until 7pm. It was a pleasant change from pizza, chinese food, wings, burgers, etc. We got dal (a lentil dish) and chicken makhani, billed as "Succulent chicken cubes broiled in tandoor with delicious blend of creamed tomato curry and exotic spices." Oh, and was it ever... Velvety and smooth with huge hunks of white breast meat. The rice was perfumed and spiced and matched perfectly. I haven't had something there I didn't like, but I especially recommend the chicken makhani.

I'm glad to have another ethnic food option, especially since the Pho place closed. We still don't have a Thai place...maybe next year!

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