Friday, October 2, 2009

Odd, manly chili

It's a brrrrr cold day, just right for a pot of chili. At the end of a busy week, a crock pot meal is where it's at. Here's what went into the pot:

Cubed beef
Dark chocolate with cherries and cayenne
Bell pepper (softened in a skillet)
Celery (ditto)
Onion (ditto)
Tomato paste
Brown sugar
Red wine
Corn meal
Dried peppers

Smells heavenly... had a little nibble and seared off my taste buds from the temperature. Hope it tastes good!

1 comment:

  1. Also threw in a couple bay leaves. I forgot to mention it. It was a wonderful meal overall! Very rich and unctous, from the fat and connective tissue melting into the sauce. It was spicy, smoky, sweet and wonderful. We ate it with leftover bagels. Later in the weekend, I had a little on toast with some cheese on top. Mmmmmmmh