Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I built a better burger

Yep, for the first time in three years, I managed to get my Sutter Home BBB recipe in before the deadline. I even had two hours to spare. I'm thankful for the time zone difference that gave me until 3pm my time (noon in LA).

I called the burgers "Tipsy Devil Jerk Burgers with Jicama, Carrot and Golden Raisin Slaw." Is it worth $50,000? Well, I don't know. I've read past recipe winners and I can't say any of them are worth quite that much money. But I think it's a contender and I'm pleased. I added baby arugula and sliced mango to the burgers and I think it's just what was needed. Wish me luck! The finalists are announced in August, to be flown out for an in-person cook-off in September. I'm not altering any of my fall plans, but I am pleased to have accomplished this.

In unrelated news, we violated a cardinal summer cooking rule in our house tonight. Though it was humid and oppressive, we turned on the oven for a baked pasta dish. What were we thinking? We were thinking, "oh, what would be quick and make use of ingredients we have already? I know, we have those pasta sheets in the freezer. How about something with that? And baked garlic bread?" In the cost/benefit analysis of dinner planning, we over weighted economy of time and ingredient and under weighted atmospheric conditions. Fortunately, the temperature dropped just as we opened windows. Even more fortunately, we have a bedroom air conditioner to which we can retreat with mint oreos and movies.


  1. It took me almost 40 years to convince my first wife not to put the oven on during hot summer days. Finally, she agreed. The past 2 years have been wonderful.

  2. Your first and only wife was just trying to cook good food for you. Like the steak she made tonight. And I remember growing up that we weren't supposed to turn on the oven on hot days. So there. :oP