Monday, January 25, 2010

Culinary Christmas Present

The newest addition to my kitchen is a fantastic grill pan bought for me for Christmas by Darling Husband. It's a big rectangle that takes up two burners. Yippee!

So far we've made steaks, burgers, quesedillas, grilled ham and swiss, shrimp, um... pollenta... that might be it. I really like it. I will admit it took some getting used to, and the steaks we made had to go back on the grill twice until I managed to cook them the way we like them. And we like them medium rare. Quesedillas were easiest (Baby Girl is a big quesedilla fan. She likes the pineapple salsa. She also was munching happily on couscous the other day, so it balances out. I despair at times that she likes buttered noodles, cheese, nutrigrain bars, ham and graham crackers best. Presumably at some point this will all work itself out and she'll eat a lovely variety of things. Right?)

The grill pan is perfect for winter grilling and I'm so glad Darling Husband got it for me!


  1. Do you mind sharing what brand/style pan you are happy with. I may be in the market for one.

  2. Certainly! It's a Calphalon and he got it at Kohl's (I believe). I peeked at their website, and it looks like it's probably close to this one:

    Although I notice the handles are of a slightly different shape/design. I like that it works over two burners, so you have lots of room to cook. Seems to heat pretty evenly. I've never owned one before, but I am pleased with it.