Saturday, September 12, 2009

Posting hiatus

You might think, if I'm not posting, I'm neither cooking nor eating. You'd be wrong. You might think I'm sick or super busy. Nope, not that, either. I'm even making interesting things; I just haven't much felt like blogging.

Sorry, all you loyal readers. I guess I'm in a little slump... blogs are not the place for self pity.


Actually, to be more accurate, this blog isn't the place for self pity. So I won't moan on, but instead I will vow to make more of an effort to blog. I enjoy it, you see. And while I haven't gotten many comments in a while, I believe others enjoy it, too.

Tonight, we made buffalo shrimp salad. We had buffalo flavored shrimp for the first time at Joe Root's Grill, and realized instantly that this was brilliant. Why everyone doesn't do this is beyond us, except (like us) it probably just hadn't occurred to them. We make a home made version by buying popcorn shrimp frozen, baking them, then tossing in wing sauce. Tonight, we also made shoe string fries and put both of those over a bed of baby romaine mix lettuces. We studded the salad with yellow pear tomatoes from our garden and crisp slices of local cucumber. Shredded cheddar and big croutons rounded out the dish. Darling Husband squeezed blue cheese dressing on his; I had ranch. A nice, refreshing dish after a long but fun day.

Did you know they had a petting zoo at Frontier Park today? Baby Girl got a pony ride and pet a pig.

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