Thursday, May 28, 2009

Icebox Frugality

Isn't "icebox" a fun word? It's like "davenport."

Tonight's dinner required the addition of a $0.73 can of black eyed peas. I think I could've gotten it cheaper at Wegman's, but I had to go to Giant Eagle for time. (I actually stopped at Dollar General across from my office first, but refused to pay $3 for a can of beans!)

The black eyed peas, rinsed and drained, were combined with a can of corn, some chopped red onion, fresh parsley, fresh chives, chopped bean sprouts, lime, salt and pepper.

I seasoned some chicken tenders and seared them in a pan with a little olive oil. Then I covered the chicken with shredded cheddar, turned off the heat and covered. Once everything was melty and fantastic, I dollopped on some spicy guacamole.

We served the chicken over the bean and corn salad, and topped with crumbled taco shells. I was pleased with how well the flavors meshed while staying distinct. The herbs in the salad really punched up the freshness. For me, the unexpected star of the dish was the cheese that had melted in the pan and not on the chicken, getting a little chewy and soaking up all the chickeny awesomeness from the drippings. Mmmmmmh.

I have one more planned frugal meal left!

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